Wednesday 5 July 2017

Looking after the locals.

We are so lucky to live and work around the beautiful New Forest National park. The New Forest ponies and other forest stock are a huge part of the park's identity.
It is important to keep a distance from all stock, avoid encouraging human interactions, particularly at road side or car park locations and never get between a mare and foal. Enjoy them from a safe distance. Feeding and stroking the ponies not only risks aggressive behaviour but can also lead to road accidents.
The National Park Authority has issued the following advice:
Ponies, donkeys, cattle & pigs: For their safety and your own please leave the animals alone - although owned and cared for by local people called commoners, they are unpredictable and best treated as wild. Please don’t feed or pet them; there is plenty of natural food and it’s best that they don’t come to rely on people’s attention. They may look friendly but they can bite and kick, especially mares with foals.


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