Monday 10 July 2017

Archie Trots On

Today Archie received the great news that his incisional hernias have improved sufficiently for him to start trot work! Fantastic news, Archie is raring to go. While Archie was visiting our surgeon today he received a Weight Wise check up. Right on target Archie recorded 503kg on the weight tape. Body condition scoring was 3.5/5 over the neck and shoulder, 3.5/5 over the ribs and back and 4/5 over the rump.

Having achieved his first weight loss target, Archie received a second target to aim towards of 475kg and a body condition score of 3/5. Now that Archie's exercise levels will be increasing we are expecting his metabolism to improve and his muscle tone to return. Great work from Archie and Fran!

The low down:
520kg on weigh scale. 503kg on weigh tape (target 1 met).
BCS Neck/shoulder 3.5 Ribs/back 3.5 Rump 4 Overall BCS 3.5/5
Excellent improvement.
Grazing 12hrs over night with muzzle.
Feed intake 2kg/day (dry weight of hay prior to soaking).
Cleared to start trot work so exercise levels will increase and help with metabolism.
New target weight set for 475kg (weigh tape). Target BCS 3.

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