Monday 17 July 2017

Albert the Fjord Weighs In on Weight Wise

Albert, a very handsome Norwegian Fjord horse was seen today for a routine visit. In early June Albert was noticed to be carrying some extra weight, checking in as a body condition score of 4/5 and a weight of 500kg. Albert's owner, Sharon, has done so well following the Weight Wise scheme over the last few weeks, already smashing the first weight target of 470kg! Today Albert scored 3.5/5 and weighed in at 462kg! As his fitness continues to improve we expect he will reach his condition target of 3/5 very soon! Well done Sharon and Albert!

Sharon shared some top tips for keeping exercise fun and frequent for Albert, which has clearly been successful.
*Trailering out to different areas for hacking.
* Parelli natural horsemanship games in the paddock.
*Last but not least, Albert loves playing football! ⚽️⚽️

Not only has the increased activity helped with weight loss, it has also increased their bonding time together.

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