Friday 2 June 2017

Meet Archie

Gorgeous Archie has had a bit of a rough year. In January Archie underwent colic surgery and unfortunately developed some complications with the healing of his incision. This meant that poor Archie was on strict box rest for 3 months, followed by a gradual re-introduction to a small turn out paddock. Three weeks ago Archie and his owner, Fran, received the all clear to start ridden work at walk.
Through no fault of his own, this prolonged time away from exercise has meant that Archie became overweight. Archie has kindly volunteered to become our Weight Wise ambassador. I know a lot of our clients will be following our Weight Wise management program to help their horses drop those extra pounds, to reduce the risk of health complications including lipoma related colic, joint stress and of course insulin dysregulation and laminitis.
Archie is going to share the ups and downs of his weight loss journey, hopefully as an inspiration to others, or possibly to receive as much sympathy as possible!

Archie is an 18 year old Welsh Cob Cross. Archie is owned by Fran, one of the team of staff at The Barn Equine Surgery. No stranger to veterinary involvement, Archie can spot a vet at 50 paces. Ever the gentleman, Archie tolerates his veterinary staff with fantastic manners, if not the occassional look of disdain. As you can tell, Archie is a firm favourite at the practice and I know he will be pleased to help other horses and ponies on their Weight Wise journeys.

Stay tuned to find out how Archie got on with his first Weight Wise visit!

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